General information of the tribes:

Black Furies
The only all female tribe, the black furies could be seen as feminist fatales. This tribe originated in Ancient Greece, and is extremely militant. Male Garou born to the Black Furies are usually given to the Children of Gaia.

Bone Gnawer
The dregs and dropouts of Garou society, they are mostly found in city allies, dumps, and park benches. You get reprimanded if you talk bad about any Garou, except the Bone Gnawers.

Children of Gaia
These are the most calm of the Garou, and the most likely to unite the Garou. The others see them as tree-hugging leaf-eating peace-nicks. They fought for adding the law protecting humans to the Litany.

Celtic Garou are from all the British Isles, not just Ireland. They are the Bards and Historians of the Garou, and even invented a language that all Garou can speak in any form. They fight hard, play hard, and party hard.

Get of Fenris
No other tribe is as bull headed, violent, and harsh as these Norse Garou. They usually die a violent but glorious death. A True Get of Fenris would think nothing of using his body to choke the life out of a Nexus Crawler, if that is what it took to kill it. The wisest way think of most of these Garou is to equate them with high grade explosives. Keep them away from anything that might set them off, and when you find something dangerous, throw them in first.

These are the most human of the Garou. They have adapted to the cities, and are strong in them. Many Garou would say that they are being corrupted, and that they have lost their wolf nature. Glass Walkers think that they are the next step of evolution for the Garou. They are the only Garou that have anything to do with influencing companies to be more "green" aware. They tend to have the most anal retentive moots of all the tribes.

Red Talons
The only predominantly Lupus tribe, they will still occasionally hunt humans for sport. The Talons strongly resent Homid Garou, and seldom permit anyone of human birth into their septs. Because the habitat of the wolves is shrinking, most Garou suspect the talons days are numbered.

Shadow Lords
These are the Elite that remain apart from Garou society, waiting for their chance to take over leadership from the Silver Fangs. Politics, planning, scheming, and back-stabbing are normal for them. Trust in them should be inversely proportional to the number of them in the area.

Silent Striders
The Silent Striders are nomads driven out of Egypt long ago by Vampires. They now travel this world, as well as others. They are aware like none other to signs and omens.

Silver Fangs
As far back as Garou legends can reach, the boldest, strongest, and wisest of the Garou have been Silver Fangs. Today they are the very proud Leaders of the Garou (but slightly inbred). Fierce and Regal, the Silver Fangs tolerate very little in the way of dissension.

Star Gazers
Eastern Mystics of the Garou usually see as wise guys. Their tribe is the smallest of the 13. Stargazers spend much of their time in contemplation in dark and lonely places. Their self appointed mission is to protect the weak from the evil corruption of the Wyrm.

Mostly Native American, these Garou are now spread world wide in search of knowledge. No other tribe knows more about the ways of spirits then the Ukenta. Their moots are closed to outsiders and are filled with dark ominous secret rites. Some Garou suspect that they are already on the path to corruption.

Last of the Pure Native American tribe, they have not yet integrated well with the rest of the Garou. They resent all other Garou for taking the Americas from the natives. They can only claim the Uktena as friends, and the best of the other tribes are treated in a cold manner.

  • Lost Cubs Garou that went through the change alone, often driven insane
  • Ronin Pack-less Garou that do what they please
  • Black Spiral Dancers Vile traitors of Pict stock in Scotland that were corrupted by the Wyrm